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Yes, I know! It's hugely out of date, I'll either update the website soon, or make a new, more simple one later.


                 Hello, and thank you for visiting The Cenarion Confederations home page! We are the first known cross faction roleplay community, consisting of two guilds, - at the moment - The Disciples of Cenarius and The Jade gathering, we aim to provide high-quality roleplay for both Horde and Alliance, in the same area, at the same time, not fighting.
                 Each guild will organize their own guild events, as per normal, which will not be cross-faction, such as sermons, training, or other 'normal' guild events. These will be mainly for the benefit of the members of each individual guild, but, if important, or for any other reason, they will be allowed to be included in the cross-factionism.
                 There will be one joint, major roleplay event based on a Saturday, at 19:00 every week both guild leaders are around. Apart from this joint roleplay, the members of these guilds can freely roleplay with each other any time they like, but this will be the main, organized, cross-faction roleplay between guilds. This does not mean, however, that there will not be extra cross-faction events scheduled on other days, if we are involved in some major crusade, or whatnot.
                 Translation during the events will be done by the guild leaders, Noshi, and Malvor, but anyone willing to hand out their 'Real ID,' as it's called, will also be able to translate, also meaning that they can actively roleplay when there is nobody around to translate for them. Ventrillo servers may also be organized to aid translation, but this is still uncertain.
                 There will be a series of roleplay 'crusades,' as such, which will be the main topic of the cross-faction roleplay events, but leading up to these, there will be weekly events organized - see above - which will keep the cross-faction area going. They will require both guild leaders, and all able members of the guilds to turn up to, although this is not mandatory, it will always be advised to try and make it to these events, if possible.
                 Please take the time to have a look at the rest of the site, we include a background for both guilds and the confederation in general, and are hoping to finish a series of helpful guides for anyone interested in roleplay.
                 Enjoy the site, and take care!

Feel free to e-mail us at:
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